Proinnsías Ó  Duinn in his early career was a cellist. Subsequently he held the positions of Conductor of the Iceland Symphony Orchestra and Principal Conductor and Music Director of the National Symphony of Ecuador.

Following these early years, he was appointed Principal Conductor of the RTE Concert Orchestra, a position he held for 25 years. In 2003 he became the first Conductor Laureate to be appointed in the history of the Irish Radio/Television.

Throughout his career Proinnsías has conducted a vast repertoire in both the symphonic and operatic repertoire. He has held positions of Music Director and Conductor of several Opera Companies in Ireland and has conducted opera performances ranging from Pergolesi (La Serva Padrona) through the mainstream classical and romantic operas to Poulenc (Dialogue des Carmelites) and Britten (Turn of the Screw). He was commissioned by the Royal Dublin Society to make a new edition of Benedict’s opera The Lilly of Killarney which he conducted as part of their series of the Irish Ring. In 2003 he was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Contemporary Music Centre of Ireland. He has recorded on Naxos and Lyric with the RTECO and the National Symphony Orchestra.

Since 1979 he has been Conductor and Music Director of Our Lady’s Choral Society, the choir of the Dublin Archdioces. Since 2001 he has been Music Director and Conductor of the annual Händel Birthday Celebration performance of Messiah in the Händel Concert Hall in the composer’s birthplace Halle. This performance is with an International Choir of over four hundred voices and the orchestra Stadtskappella Halle.

He has conducted fifty four of Haydn’s one hundred and eight symphonies with the Orchestra of St. Cecilia.

He composed the sound track of the seven hour TV epic production “Strumpet City” which been acclaimed at home and abroad and was released on DVD in the United States. He is also a composer and arranger for all genres of music. His musical “Stuff and Nonsense” is based on the life and writings of Edward Lear and was premiered in 2001.